3 Simple Ways to Make Your Food Product's Packaging More Engaging

If your company sells a food product, you know how competitive the environment on a grocery store's shelves can be. In order for your company to remain profitable, your product must grab the attention of consumers as they do their grocery shopping. Packaging design is a key element when it comes to getting consumers to notice your company's product.

Here are three simple tips that you can use to make your food product's packaging more engaging in order to boost sales in the future.

1. Keep the color palette simple.

Many companies believe that bold and bright designs are needed when creating packaging that will attract the gaze of consumers. While bright colors can be eye-catching, your product's packaging could blend in if competitors are using bold color palettes in the design of their packaging as well.

It can be beneficial to stick with a simple color palette as you create new packaging for your food product. A simple white background with clean font and an image of the product will stand out amidst the more colorful packaging of your competitor's on the grocery shelf.

2. Let your packaging serve a dual purpose.

Consumers are looking for convenience when it comes to the foods they purchase. Today's consumers lead busy lives, so they often need food products that can be prepared quickly and while they are on the move from one place to another. You can use your product's packaging to make your food items more attractive to busy consumers by allowing the packaging to serve a dual purpose.

Packaging cereal in a plastic bowl in which milk can be directly added or including a disposable utensil as part of the packaging for a microwave meal ensures maximum convenience for consumers. These dual-purpose packaging designs can help your products appeal to busy consumers.

3. Make your packaging design interesting.

Consumers don't expect to find interesting things on the grocery-store shelf, so incorporating a bit of humor into your food product's packaging design can be a great way to capture the attention of shoppers.

Try using a pun that pays homage to your product on the packaging or let the viewing window be in an unexpected shape that resembles your product (like the shape of an elbow noodle or fruit). These interesting inclusions in your packaging design will help make your food products more appealing to shoppers.

Don't be afraid to experiment with the design of your food product's packaging. Incorporating a simple color palette, allowing the packaging to serve more than one purpose, and adding interest into the design could help you boost sales in the future.

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